Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Services Keep Your Carpet Looking Newer Longer

Using carpet cleaning services regularly can extend the life of your carpets and keep them looking newer longer. Your carpet accumulates a lot of dirt, dust and other particles that are tough to get out with routine vacuuming. These particles include pollen, pet dander, hair, bacteria and a host of other contaminants that can aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms as well as cause other respiratory issues. 

Over time, this accumulation can create musty odors, dull the look of your carpets and shorten their lifespan. That means more money out of your pocket for new carpets more often and a less-than-healthy interior environment for your family.

The Maids provides professional carpet cleaning services that help your carpets look beautiful and last longer by removing dirt, dust, allergens and more. You get great looking carpets and improved air quality within your home from one of the best carpet cleaning services in the country. 

How Often Should I Use Professional Carpet Cleaning Services?

Dirt and other particles that are left too long work their way into the fibers and break down your carpet's fibers. Once they become embedded, they can be almost impossible to remove. To maintain the appearance of your carpets and extend their lifespan, Home Advisor recommends that you use professional carpet cleaning services every 6 to 12 months. 

Many carpets are designed to last for 10 to 15 years whether you have them professionally cleaned or not. Having your carpets cleaned regularly by a pro is the best way to extend your carpets' longevity. But put off having your carpets cleaned for five years or so and stains, spots, traffic lanes and general wear and tear will severely limit the life of your carpets. Without proper maintenance and cleaning, your carpets could wear out unsightly! 

For older carpets that are showing signs of wrinkling or buckling, it's best to have your carpets repaired before you call The Maids. Looseness and bunching up are signs that your carpet may need to be re-stretched or otherwise repaired. Having your carpets cleaned before having the necessary repairs done can make things worse.

Put carpet cleaning services on your spring and fall cleaning checklists so that you won't forget to schedule them. Your carpet - and your lungs - will thank you. Start using professional carpet cleaning services regularly when they are new and you'll enjoy beautiful carpets and cleaner air for years to come. 

Why Should I Choose The Maids for Carpet Cleaning Services?

The Maids is the only residential cleaning service to specialize exclusively in cleaning for health. We provide a range of residential cleaning services, carpet cleaning services, window cleaning and more with your family's health and safety as our first priority.  

We take the same care with our home carpet cleaning services as we do with every service we offer. We choose the safest carpet cleaning products that get the job done and protect your family, our cleaning teams and the environment all at once. 

Our professionally trained carpet cleaning team members go through a thorough background check and each one is bonded and insured for everyone's protection. They receive hands-on training from experienced team leaders to get your carpets fresh and clean while doing their job safely and protecting your home. 

The Maids' carpet cleaning service features professional equipment and the most effective carpet cleaning products. With our experience and expert knowledge, your carpets are in good hands. All backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Near Me

The Maids helps keep carpets looking newer longer with our professional carpet cleaning services across North America. Carpet cleaning services are available at many of our almost 200 franchise locations. With locations in 43 states and Canadian provinces serving almost 4000 communities, there's a good chance you'll find The Maids close to your neighborhood. 

You can find The Maids near your home when you enter your zip code. Find your local franchise and give them a call to find out what services are available. They'll be glad to tell you what special services they offer—from carpet cleaning same-day service to window cleaning and other residential cleaning services. Get a free estimate today and schedule when you’ll be coming home to beautiful, fresh carpets! 


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Residential Carpet Cleaning Services Worth It?

Some benefits of professional carpet cleaning services are more obvious than others. From convenience to a healthier environment, it's worth getting your carpets cleaned if:

You Don't Like Cleaning
Focus on the things you like to do while letting us take care of the dirty work. From carpet to hardwood, we've got you covered.

You're Too Busy
Your busy schedule can derail your housekeeping routine—especially those bigger projects like carpet cleaning. If you're in a pinch, some of our locations even offer carpet cleaning with same day service.

You’re Selling Your House
Curb appeal is important, but a clean, fresh-smelling house makes the sale. Bring that dull, stained carpet back to life for a great second impression!

You Want to Live in a Healthier Environment
Dust, allergens, and other pollutants in your carpet can trigger allergy and asthma symptoms and even contribute to respiratory issues. Clean carpets mean you and your family can breathe easier, knowing your home is a healthy environment.

Do Carpet Cleaning Services Move Furniture?

Your answer will vary by area, so it’s best to contact The Maids in your neighborhood for specific information. Some locations have the staff and necessary equipment to move furniture, and many will typically move smaller furniture such as end and coffee tables, chairs, and other lightweight items.

How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

Look at cleaning and maintaining your carpets as an investment rather than an expense. If you take care of your carpets correctly, they will last longer and add to the beauty and value of your home. Carpet cleaning cost depends on the amount of carpet, its condition, and other factors. Get your free customized quote to find out just how affordable carpet cleaning can be!

How Do I Choose the Best Carpet Cleaning Service?

Choose carpet cleaning services that have a proven track record and give you peace of mind. The best carpet cleaning companies offer years of experience, flexible scheduling, a guarantee, and a healthier environment for you and your family.

  • For over 40 years, The Maids has been a leader in the residential and carpet cleaning industry.
  • No matter how chaotic your schedule, The Maids offers flexible, affordable carpet cleaning solutions.
  • Our no-risk guarantee: If you don't like the way we clean an area of carpet, call us within 24 hours; we'll come back and clean that area for free.
  • The Maids is the only residential carpet cleaner to specialize in cleaning for health. We choose the safest carpet cleaning products that get the job done and protect your family, our cleaning teams, and the environment along the way.

Beautiful carpets and a healthier home are just some of what you can expect from our residential cleaning services. From carpet cleaning to disinfecting, enjoy a cleaner, healthier home more often with The Maids.