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CCOF Foundation
Bricmont Hardship Assistance Fund

We provide financial assistance to organic producers and processors/handlers who suffer losses due to extreme hardship. Apply today »

Donate to Help Organic Farmers

By donating to the CCOF Foundation, you can help an organic farmer weather the pandemic and give them the ability to keep growing the healthy food we serve our families. Plus, your donation is matched by Santa Cruz Gives this year, so it goes even further! Help us meet our $17,600 challenge gift, and donate today »

The Organic Training Institute

Through hands-on trainings, workshops, and seminars, the Organic Training Institute provides resources for organic professionals that cover the latest organic research and best production practices. Take a look at our upcoming events »

The CCOF Foundation advances organic agriculture for a healthy world.

We invest in the education of new organic farmers and producers, help consumers understand the benefits of organic, assist organic farmers in need, and provide ongoing training for organic professionals.

The Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund

Through this fund, the CCOF Foundation, in collaboration with organic businesses and community leaders, provides grants in three educational categories: kindergarten through eighth grade, high school, and vocational and higher education. Learn more ››

The Organic Training Institute

The CCOF Foundation supports current and prospective certified organic producers, processors, and handlers by providing a series of free or low-cost field days, workshops, and webinars to help improve and grow their operations. Learn more ››

Roadmap to an Organic California

The Roadmap to an Organic California is a groundbreaking, forward-thinking research project which presents organic agriculture as an evidence-based approach to improving the health and prosperity of California and creates a public policy roadmap to increase organic farmland in California from 4 percent to 10 by 2030. Learn more ››

Organic Transition Grants

The CCOF Foundation is pleased to offer grants for organic transition in partnership with Anheuser Busch and their Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold Contract for Change program. Learn more ››

Organic Hardship Assistance - The Bricmont Fund

The Bricmont Fund is the only fund that provides direct financial assistance exclusively to organic producers, processors, and handlers who suffer losses due to extreme hardship. Learn more ››

Help us make a difference.

Help us advance organic agriculture for a healthy world by donating to the CCOF Foundation.

Foundation Board of Trustees

Kelly Damewood, Chair, CCOF, Inc.
Lee Altier, Ph.D., Trustee, California State University, Chico
Karen Archipley, Trustee, Archi’s Acres
Allen Harthorn,147eee全部影片 147eee全部影片 ,男同彩虹世界app 男同彩虹世界app ,中国大胆见奶走秀视频 中国大胆见奶走秀视频 Trustee, Harpos Organics
Phil LaRocca, Trustee, LaRocca Vineyards
Malcolm Ricci, Trustee, Bolthouse Farms

CCOF Annual Report

We're celebrating all the things CCOF's members and supporters helped us accomplish in 2018 in our organizational annual report.

Read about what we achieved in 2018 »

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Want to Help Cultivate Change?

Make a tax-deductible donation through Santa Cruz Gives, and they’ll match a portion of your gift!

Donations may also be made by check payable to Santa Cruz Gives with “CCOF Foundation” written in the memo and mailed to: Volunteer Center, Attention: Santa Cruz Gives, 1740 17th Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95062

For more information about the CCOF Foundation and partnership opportunities, please contact us.